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Supplybit® owns and operates its own cryptocurrency miners, and provides turnkey mining solutions for individuals and institutions.

How It Works

Purchase Hash Power

Buy computing power that you can use to mine Bitcoin

Provide BTC Wallet Address

Select a Bitcoin wallet to deposit your mined Bitcoin into

Receive BTC Daily

Mined Bitcoin gets deposited daily

Supplybit Advantages

24/7 Support

Phone and email support around the clock

Market Insight

Receive mining breakeven analysis and mining difficulty updates

Pause Periods

Pause anytime and incur zero operating expense during the pause


Ability to sell your mine to third parties at your discretion


Increase your mining capabilities quickly

Legal & Tax Resources

Peace of mind that your mine is compliant

Customer Reviews

“Mike was very responsive and helpful answering all my questions. If this is the mining route you have decided to take, there is no better company to work with that I have found offering you the same flexibility and return on investment."

– Kent

"A quick easy setup to get us mining with zero headache as advertised! I'm impressed with how easy this was, I was expecting something to go wrong."

– Jesse

“5 out of 5! I hit my breakeven in 9 months!”

– Ryan

Our Story

As Mike built out his own cryptocurrency mining operation,
he had to overcome several challenges, such as:


Evaluating and buying the “right” ASIC Miners

Negotiating electricity contracts

Vetting colocation companies

Choosing a mining pool and payment structure

Finding comprehensive insurance

Managing defective miners 

Forecasting downtime and load shedding

 While overcoming these challenges Mike thought to himself, “there has to be an easier way!” As a result, Mike launched Supplybit®.

The Supplybit Team created Hedge Mining, a true turnkey solution for individuals and institutions who want to mine, but do not want to deal with all of the operational challenges. Hedge Mining is the easiest and safest way to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it provides you all the benefits of mining for yourself, but without the risks.

Supplybit® operates multiple cryptocurrency mines across the United States and has a global reach. To support the Company’s key operations, Supplybit® has assembled a diversified team of legal, tax, technology, and banking professionals with experience in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Supplybit Team strives to be an industry leader in mining and provide you with the most reliable and profitable mining solution possible.

Management Team

Mike Groff

Founder & CEO

Wes Decatur

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Kiss

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Management Team

Mike Groff

Founder & CEO

Wes Decatur

Chief Financial Officer

Kevin Kiss

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

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